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Digital Business Card App - A Revolution in the Modern Business World

An efficient contact collector and contact management tool helping you focus on making real connections with your network globally.

Did you know that 88% of business cards are in the rubbish bin?

There is no doubt that traditional business cards have catered to our purposes for many years, we now live in an epoch where practically everything has become digitized, fetching digital business cards as an essential product of 21st-century high-tech advancement. By virtue of mobile phones, iPods, palm pilots, and laptops, we have nearly come to a demand for interactive business cards.

With the advent of digital business cards entrepreneurs and other professionals now have a way to share their business cards virtually with anyone, anywhere. Does it happen that you forget to carry your business card or run short of it when you have to share it with a prospective client? But, now you do not have to be anxious, with digital business cards staying up-to-date and always accessible.

Why should you use Digital Business Cards over paper cards?

It is nice to have the digital version of a business card as it makes feeding new contact information directly into your smartphone's contacts book effortless. Digital cards can also carry additional data, such as location information and usable links to social networking services. You can never be out of digital cards to give away, whereas paper cards disappear quickly. Sharing cards via smartphone is a unique experience, too, and can help you be distinct in your new contact’s memory. Moreover, now virtually swap your business card globally without making your everywhere, every time.

General Advantages of Digital Business Card:

  • Collecting contacts becomes hassle-free. No typing is required.
  • Easy and up-to-date handling compared to traditional business cards.
  • Simple and time-saving
  • Ease of entry and updating of contact info
  • Control and differential sharing
  • Go Green & paperless
  • Shrink your wallet
  • Save money with Virtual Business Cards

Why Choose Techno Infonet for Digital Business Card?

Tridhya Tech is an eminent web and mobile app development company based in the USA, since 2004. We are a team of keen web and mobile app developers, who love to build usable, utile, and ultimate applications with the latest web and mobile technologies and techniques.

For many years, a lot of digital companies attempted to stamp out traditional business card exchange, although this piece of paper sustained in this digital era. Nevertheless, Techno has successfully launched Swap Once – a digital business card fostering every business swap their contact details virtually anywhere, anytime. This web and mobile application enable users to not only create their own digital card, but also scan, share and store cards.


The SwapOnce website was built on CodeIgniter, CakePHP, and Symfony framework with a 7-layer code structure. The database type is MySQL. On the Open Source PHP platform, SwapOnce has a Facebook page and Sage pay plugins integrated. The SwapOnce mobile app is available with both, Android, and iOS operating systems.

The Cutting-edge Features of

  • Smart Search:
  • Comprehensive insights in graphical format
  • QR codes for scanning the specifics
  • Card Options based on your need – individual and agency
  • Public and private settings for sharing information
  • Connections with others can be viewed
  • Import Contacts from personal accounts
  • The number of connections in top locations presented together in the map

Amazing! Isn’t it?

Get a digital business card application developed and Hand out to break the ice when networking - you are likely to become the one person who always gets remembered.


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Mobile App

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