Choosing Among Alfresco and Liferay

Organizations hoping to oversee content and documents are regularly seeing open source as a feasible alternative. Two systems that plainly emerge in this domain are Liferay and Alfresco.

We get a great deal of sales request where the client is searching for services and solution counseling for both structures and much of the time have not made the conspicuous inquiry - What is that they need this system for?

Normal necessities prompting considering both Liferay and Alfresco

A portion of the normal prerequisites that the client has in their necessity sheets before they pick both of these systems and after that search for an accomplice to execute them are:

  1. Business Workflow around the content
  2. Sharing of Documents
  3. Web Content Management
  4. Enterprise Search
  5. Portals
  6. Event Management and Corporate Calendar
  7. Wikis, Blogs, Chat
  8. Intranets and a Common Knowledge Area
  9. Mobile responsiveness
  10. Forums and Discussion Boards
  11. Knowledge Management and Knowledge Sharing
  12. Collaboration
  13. Document Management

Anyway, it is vital to comprehend that both these content systems are completely unique with regards to their qualities and a poor determination of the tool can increment both the expense of usage and can furnish extreme cerebral pains with intemperate customization.

At the point when Liferay is a correct decision

Liferay is an incredible portal system and it is clearly a correct decision when the utilization cases are vigorously towards building portable responsive introduction interfaces. Other use cases to consider are:

  1. Versatile mobile-friendly sites, Intranets, and Portals
  2. Reconciliation with basic corporate systems to exhibit information to a substantial number of shifted business clients.
  3. Distributing bunches of static and dynamic content with workflows to deal with your content cycles spread crosswise over authors and business jobs
  4. Web content management
  5. Joint effort application-driven perspectives with interpersonal organization combination, social applications, overwhelming utilization of wikis, blogs and chats and so on.
  6. Less Document Management with the utilization cases to deal with your documents centered towards records you would access on an Intranet or a Web webpage (contrasted with an enterprise-wide document library)
  When you ought to think about Alfresco as a decision   Alfresco is an extraordinary content archive and workflow engine. It is really fabricated more as an Enterprise Document Management System and considerably less as a collaborative portal or Intranet.

The Share condition is no match for other community CMS systems, for example, Liferay and Drupal. Subsequently, it is essential to make a qualification between overseeing documents versus managing web content.

Alfresco has long claimed professed to give Web content management however, as a rule, the WCM (Web Content Management) experience of overseeing content is obsolete and cannot be contrasted with devices, for example, Liferay that give a much-upgraded Web content management system.

Alfresco qualities lay in its extraordinary record vault and enterprise look abilities. Its work process engine dependent on Activity is an extraordinary BPM (Business Process Management) tool that can help automate a great deal of document-based work processes (even non-record-based work processes). Activity is compliant to BPMN 2.0 which adds to the credentials.

Alfresco is best utilized in situations when you have a large number of the document to oversee and not these documents should be exhibited to a site or intranet and just should be overseen inside the firewall.

Alfresco likewise gives the standard wiki, discussion forums and furthermore some social content includes yet in all actuality these applications and client experience isn't a match to what options, for example, Liferay and comparable frameworks give. Regularly clients will settle on the decision around a greater amount of coordinated effort and pick Alfresco just to find that they are dashing towards a way of superfluous customization and upgrades.

Using Both Liferay and Alfresco

Your use case may likewise lead you to pick both considering a critical cover of prerequisites between what both systems offer.

For this reason, Liferay and Alfresco systems can be coordinated in a way where Liferay expects just the introduction and web content, web content work process and in general computerized involvement yet depends on Alfresco for document management and document vault.

Work processes that are more enterprise content-driven can be utilized to make last duplicates of records and a portion of the documents in the Alfresco vault can be introduced on the portal running on the Liferay Framework. We do have a case study with one of our clients where the content generation is done by using the workflow capability of Alfresco and by integrating it to Liferay, the approved web-content is populated on the Liferay portal.


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