Alfresco Development (ACSCE) Certification Exam Preparation Guide

Prerequisites to learn Alfresco Development for newbies:
  • Knowledge of Java and JavaScript
  • Knowledge of mark-up languages like (HTML, XML, and FTL)
  • Basic knowledge of Spring Framework
  • Working knowledge of WebServers like (Apache Tomcat)

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The good news is that you can take a trial examination of ACSCE before the actual one.
This definitely will give you the real feel of examination and put you at ease a bit.

Basic Knowledge
Check with the following list
These are the small but very important points need to consider

  • Try to experience the latest versions of Alfresco Community and the Enterprise version
  • Use all the OOTB features of Alfresco as a simple user and an Administrator user
  • Get the idea of the alfresco.war and share.war structure
  • Get the knowledge of Alfresco architecture and subsystems of it
  • Know different packaging and deployment methods (AMP and JAR)
  • Use all the OOTB workflows and try to find the difference among them
  • Try to do all the simple configurations possible from Administrator rights

Alfresco Development includes

  • Configuration
  • Customization of OOTB(out of the box) features (Extension and Overriding)
  • Development of completely new feature

As an Alfresco Developer, you are expected to decide the development approach.
For example, some of the requirements can easily be fulfilled just by few steps of configurations,
some may require extensive development.

Before registering for the examination make sure that you have spent enough time for the preparation of the same. My intention is not to make you nervous but to help you become a confident enough.

Following points will help you to get prepared for the examination

  • Read the alfresco docs thoroughly ( and try to remember it. (Yes, I mean it.)
  • Definitely, you will have prepared the timetable or some milestone chart in-order to finish the preparation,
    if not then please prepare it and stick to it.
  • If possible then try to make notes of small but important key points while reading docs/blogs.
  • Topic wise bookmark the links of docs or other blogs in separate folders, it will help you remember the topics to cover in last time preparation.
  • Keep doing hands-on on the web scripts, custom-actions, content-model (bootstrap approach), Workflow, Evaluators, Behaviours, and Policies.
  • Stick to best practices while doing hands-on
  • Play with file every day (This will help you understand what can be configured through it)
  • Understand how the OOTB functionalities are implemented (It will make easier for you to build the same kind of features)
  • Evaluate your development skills regularly

Do's and Don't for Alfresco Certification Examination

  • Reading of alfresco docs will definitely help you any time, keep reading it.
  • Choose the same premise for reading/preparation and taking the exam (Nowadays you can take an exam from home)
  • This will help you recall the points you have prepared very easily and you will not have to adjust to
    the new environment while taking the exam.
  • Evaluate yourself by attempting a trial test or take the help of a colleague at least before a week
  • On the day before or on the day of exam go through the bullet points and try to recall them
  • Read the questions and options twice before you finalize your answers
  • Jump to the next question if you are not confident enough to answer the question


  • Don't try to cover the topics just before the exam which you have not touched so far
  • Don't jump to the answers directly, options given might be deceptive
  • Don't feel stress just keep yourself very calm

All the very best for your success!

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