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8 Web Design Trends Prediction for 2016 and Beyond

We live in a dynamic digital world where web trends are continually changing. A lot of trends that were media speak a few years ago have now become unfashionable whereas some trends such as scrolling and responsive web design is still ruling the limelight. Leading us to 2016 the year 2015 is gradually coming to close indicating new movements in web designing technology that are more focused on User Experience (UX) and customization. How does HTML5 & CSS3 Web Designs benefit your business? Read More So, what will be the web design trends in the forthcoming months? Which style will become more famous and which modern techniques will emerge? Here are the top 8 web design trends we foresee in 2016:
  • More Use of Mobile Optimization and Responsive Web Design With rising mobile espousal and increasing use of multiple screens, providing a smooth experience for the user, regardless of the device they use will top the priority list. Responsive design is the mainstay of modern web design and will carry on to be so for a long time. If a website doesn’t clear Google’s mobile-friendly test, it will miss out in Google search rankings, which will poorly affect website traffic, sales, and lead generation.
  • UX Design will Take Over in 2016 These days tech startups would not blindly start a developing a mobile or web app without a User Experience (UX) designer; people nowadays are quite prudent to understand the missing ingredient of the tasteless product. First of all UX designers will pursue the Agile or Lean UX Process as per the requirement of App and then prepare a strategy where apps will hit the launch pad. So, UX Designer, UI Designer, App Developer, Content Strategist, Marketing Guy, all of them have equal contribution to developing a successful app. In 2016, the App makers or UX designers will invest more into Usability testing and creating Usability tools. Big giants such as Google & Facebook have already started building Usability tools, which you can make use of in 2016.
  • High Adoption of Flat Design Flat designs have been in the designing world for long now. This Design is attuned to many other Web Design Trends such as RWD and material design and in fact, Flat Design involves minimalism. To elaborate, Flat Design is a look that uncovers all the frills and fluff bringing out a clear-cut layout with a distinct page structure; that is mobile-friendly too. Few renowned brands using this design are Microsoft, Apple, and Google. It is anticipated that Flat Design is going to look totally new in the future, but it’s not going obsolete and will be with us in some or the other form.
  • Usage of Very Big Typography In the year 2015, typography was very crucial in a lot of site designs, and it seems to remain the same in the future time too. In 2016, you will come across larger typography and headings used websites. So the big titles and typography are getting even more prominent, giving out a clear visual statement. Therefore, Large typography as a way to enrich the visual hierarchy of the page is likely going to be important in 2016  by ensuring users read the big typos on landing page first, and that’s grabs the eyeballs about the brand.
  • UI Animation is Going to be the Next Smash Hit This year undeniably we saw more animated GIFs, video bgs, and simple icon animation. In any way, best of all we are finding a more UI and connection driven evolution. Whether it’s a transition from CSS or changes to JS Libraries, devices like GreenSock is facilitating the universe of the post with Flash activity growing quickly. You will see both progressing fast the UI animation and necessary tools in a year from now.
  • Card Design Gets On You can see cards are all over on the web because they present information in bite-sized pieces seamless for scanning. Each card signifies one unified concept. Since they act as “content containers”, their rectangular four-sided shape makes them perfect for re-arranging on diverse device breakpoints.  In 2016, you will see more and more brands using card design, in an expanding variety of spots. Whether it’s a versatile web portfolio, Google’s new visual Promotions tab or Mail chimp’s Social Cards highlight all of them also uses cards to enrich significantly in promoting email.
  • Longer Scrolls Off late have you been scrolling web pages a lot!  Like RWD that is designed for mobile users, there are some websites based on similar principle where you have to scroll on and on to search for what you want. The Web Designers are also increasing the use of this trend to shape and fit all the content into a single model. For example, the sites with lots of user-generated content embrace this trend mostly. The reason behind it is the intuitiveness of this style. With an interactive experience, this consequently enhances the UX. And, most of all, it fosters in speeding up the page, which is very crucial for websites.
  • Storytelling and Interaction Matters! Interactive storytelling when done cleverly can more effectually convert users than any amount of SEO, compelling call-to-actions or visual elements can do otherwise. When the plot and the climax are undoubtedly laid out in an attractive way, and the story is worth clutching onto, users are more often influenced and converted into customers.These are a few design trends that have blown the web world fiercely. Let’s see what trick does 2016 Web design play.
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Website Technology

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Website Technology

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