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7 SEO Trends To Expect In 2016

As you may already know that 2015 has been a sensational year for the SEO industry. On top it, we also saw new digital technologies and new-fangled mobile devices fostering the future of search keeping in mind the user behavior. Now everyone is waiting for the year 2016, that the upcoming year should provide some substantial shifts in the search. 7 Reasons Why Small Businesses Needs To Invest In SEO Read More 7 Search Engine Optimization Trends That Are Anticipated In The Year 2016 Take a glimpse of these eye-opening stats:
  • Mobile Optimization Will Be Highly Essential: The desktop was a standard form of search, with mobile users increasing in numbers day by day. Earlier this year, mobile searches exceeded desktop searches for the first time, and along with Mobilegeddon, Google declared to the world that mobile and desktop traffic were on relative equivalence. In the next five years, the desktop usage will fade into obscurity with mobile traffic increasing far more. Already, Google is claiming that a desktop-specific site is no more necessary, and their change to a local three-pack reveals their promise to a “mobile” experience across all types of devices. Now and into 2016, the improvement in Google’s rankings will focus on delivering websites that have a responsive design and are quick.
  • Visual Content Will Be Most Sought-After: Visual content will demand a lot of attention and is going to be important for your SEO strategy for the year 2016. A few new technologies and the persistence of years-long trends will shift, and video will outperform written content in terms of engagement, exposure, effectiveness, and ROI. You can also boost your website traffic with other visual content such as images and infographics that you optimize really well. These elements are going to hold visitors on your website for longer unless they also rank well in Google, so do not forget to optimize those images. Google’s always worked with a goal to cater its end-users and as Google SEO search continues to change its search patterns, you also got to modify certain things in what you are doing so that you can be accessible to the search engine.
  • Page Speed - A Decisive Factor Page speed has been one of the important ranking factors in 2015, and will be more important in 2016. It not only helps in providing a better user experience, but also helps in better page indexing by Google. Don’t overlook or delay your page optimization for tomorrow. If you are not able to fix this issue yourself, it is always advisable to hire SEO Company for search engine optimization services in India. Since there is a vast community of SEO experts in India who will can resolve web page speed issue and more at a competitive price. Want to Connect with One of the Best Internet Marketing Firm ? Click Here
  • 1 second in loading time decreases conversion by 7%
  • 40% of your visitors will never return a site if loading takes more than 3 seconds
  • Most of the visitors expect a site to load in 2 seconds or less
  • Social Media Content Will Be Easily Indexed By Google Google has accepted for years the significance of social media as an indicator of social trends and influential websites providing valuable, shared content. It is likely visible in Google’s search results citations from Twitter and Facebook. In 2016, more social platforms will become more comprehensively listed and social posts will become more noticeable, successively, beclouding the thread between web pages and social media.
  • Deep links in Mobile Apps Are Necessary App indexing is no new wonder and now as we have observed a shift of users to mobile devices google is expecting the overhauling of traditional web pages by various Apps and you can take benefit of it. From this year onwards, deep links in the app will have more implication and weightage. And the influence of app optimization will also elevate which indicates that whether you are a medium-sized business you should have an app. And if you do not have a business mobile app, it’s time to get it built now. Just in case, you don’t find it as a workable option, at least, try to get your business listed across as many apps as possible. A lot of search engine Optimization Company in India has understood its significance and have started considering deep links in Mobile Apps earnestly.
  • Mobile Apps Will Likely Play a Greater Role in Rankings As you know Google has been indexing mobile apps for years. The reason is evident – the rising use of mobile devices still continues, and so the use of mobile apps will also upsurge. Google, thus, considers apps more momentous for the information it provides. So, you should consider developing mobile apps for you to become more imperative within Google’s search results.
  • Local Search Will Give More Specific Local Results As specified above, the usage of mobile phones for search, particularly local search results, has been gradually on the rise and now beats desktop search volume. In response to the great number of mobile searches for local results, like “Mexican restaurants near me” or “Nearest car wash,” Google will keep focusing efforts on bringing accurate, meaningful outcomes based on the user’s particular location. Instead of giving results that are just city related. Thus, local results will be refined even more to display more pertinent local neighborhood and street results. Hence, here are a few 2016 SEO predictions. It’s hard to say which of these trends will become more influential and which of them will melt away faster. But one thing is unquestionable. More heart-stopping moments will come in the world of SEO. So, cheers to more sensational SEO strategies and techniques!

Website Technology

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Website Technology

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