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5 Responsive Web Design Ways that Benefits SEO

Don't be Unresponsive to Responsive Web Design Since the evolution of Mobilegeddon – new mobile ranking algorithm which was introduced in the year 2015, has brought many profitable changes in Web Design. It is designed to give a boost to mobile-friendly pages in Google’s mobile search results. With this, the websites that are mobile responsive, will surely act as the key factor in terms of SEO. An online business will only run and flourish if SEO is done properly. For this, your website should be responsive in this fast moving world. Keeping in mind all the Responsive Web Design Services, an Internet Marketing Company, will surely design your website keeping the SEO factors in mind. Below are a few points that state Responsive Design is beneficial for SEO:
  • Improves site usability

    Having a website is not enough. User satisfaction and time spent by the user on the site is more important. For this, all the aspects of responsive design, proper navigation, etc have to be kept in mind. If navigation is not proper, users rarely stick around. But responsive design makes it easy for the users to navigate. Thus, you get an improved user experience. Ideally, people spend more time on site. So, now if you have improved and responsive designs, we see an increase in the repeat customers and high conversion rates. Well, this signifies the importance of having a responsive design. Having a responsive design states the positive user experience, so businesses and marketing agencies should be active when it comes to conversion and user experience. A responsive design lead to positive customer reviews, heavy traffic, and a rise in the brand. So, positive feedback and experience are what makes the online business successful and responsive design is the base for this.
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    Improve page speed

    Speed is something that people want and are satisfied with. Things that happen quickly are being loved by people. Having responsive designs adds more benefit as over the years, it's been seen that Google has favored them in search results. Also, websites that are mobile responsive, will load faster especially on smart devices and phones. This leads to good user experience and boost the ranking. So, having a responsive web design will bring you page speed advantage as well.
  • Decrease the bounced rates

    Google pays attention to every action and behavior that takes place on the site. How quickly the users leave your site? How much time the does a user spend on your site? Everything is being monitored by Google. Now, the number of visits in which a person leaves the sites from the landing page is counted as the website's bounce rate. If the bounce rate is high, this lays negative effect on the rankings and in SEO. The increase in the bounced rates may happen due to lack of relevant content and lack of design. Lack of content does play role in the increase in the bounced rates, however, content is not the only thing that the user prefers. At a certain point, the design and the UI do play a major role. There may a case where the content seems to be flawless, but the bad UI leads to high bounce rates. Well, a responsive web design will not only help you put relevant content but also helps to display in a mobile responsive way.
  • Improves Local SEO ranking

    We see a lot of people using smart devices for searching, finding the directions, etc. With the excessive use of smartphones, having a responsive design is a plus. This will increase your repeat customers, less bounce rates, and will expand your business online. Having all of these in your pocket, will surely improve the rankings. If you are targeting local keywords, Responsive Web Design is really helpful to improve local search visibility. Also, maximum people are using mobile devices for every activity, so if you have a responsive design, you do not have any difficulty. Another benefit of having a responsive design helps Google to identify that the website deserves a good position in the local search among the mobile users.
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    Removes duplicate content

    If you have a separate mobile site, then you are arising duplicate content issues as you require a separate URL to access. So, the problem of duplicate content arises as there are separate URLs, but the content for desktop and mobile site is the same. This surely harms your rankings. You need to specify to Google that which content is vital and make sure that the content is being indexed. Most separate sites do not rank on search engines because of canonicalization. Having a responsive website will solve your problems.
  • Final Thoughts:

    A non – responsive website has many negative impacts on your business, especially when you own an online business. Keeping in mind the competition, there are businesses who own responsive websites, but we need to reach more people than our competitors and convert them into our customers. A responsive website assures to have good audience, which helps you improve your conversions. With the increase in the demand of tablets and mobile phones, responsive design is the key for good SEO and other benefits. For more information on our Responsive Web Design Services, please call us at +44 20 8144 6541 or email us at [email protected].

Website Technology

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