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10 Web Design Tips & Tricks That You Need to Follow in 2016

“What separates design from art is that design is meant to be… functional – Cameron Moll” There’s much more in becoming a great designer than simply just having creativity and the technical skills. Well, we need to follow the latest trends and techniques to keep up with the world. 5 Big Web Design Mistakes To Avoid In 2016 Read More Karl Lagerfeld has rightly said, “Logos and branding are so important and a big part of the world, people cannot read English and French but are great in remembering signs”. This clearly states the usefulness and importance of a designer who with his / her intelligence gives a meaning to that design. A design is thinking make visual; where it conveys the exact meaning and message. Thus, a design plays an important role in determining one’s business and brand. It only works great and becomes original if you create something of your own. Well, to design a website one has to have an idea as to how to start and what are the necessary things to be kept in mind while designing a website. So, in this article, we’ll discuss some useful Web Design tips and tricks that you should remember while designing a website in 2016.
  • Use style guides Before going deeper , we should know that what exactly are these style guides? Style Guides is a collection of pre-designed elements, graphics, and rules or standards for writing and designing of documents either for publication, organization, or field which establishes and enforces style to improve communication (commonly used as a style sheet). Style guides have become popular in the designing world. It usually is in the form of document or book which states that the designers and developers have to form uniformity throughout the content. The designers can create their own style guides ensuring the site should be built in uniformity.
  • Use Sidebars Sidebars are the ones which provide the additional navigational elements such as links to recent posts and popular content and thus improving the usability of a site.Try to add sidebars to your designs making the content more informative and forcing the readers to focus on it.
  • Design your Template Off-screen Well, you might be using a different approach for designing a template i.e. you simply would start designing the structure you imagined into the tool you seem to be familiar with.A much easier and a flexible way is to first make your own template design on a sheet of paper. Design the layout starting from the call of action to navigation and the banner design. Decide and design the teasers which are the best suited for the design and finally the footer. After completing the off-screen design, try to implement the design structure in the editor.
  • Use of suitable Fonts Readability on all devices plays a huge role in this fast growing competitive world. The fonts should be readable and should be able to grab the reader’s attention and focus on the content. Big typography isn’t the latest trend but you still can follow it in 2016.
  • Use of Breathing space Before going any further, it’s important to understand the concept of breathing space. There are usually 2 types of spaces we consider in designing world: white space and negative space. White space is the space around the text and negative space is the space where one deliberately tries to apply space within the text.Too much clutter and compactness distract the users so we recommend sidebars. Along with this, there should be breathing space between the teasers so that the readers can easily focus on the content. There should be enough space in and around and between the elements as it allows the readers to focus more on the important content.
  • Responsive design is a must This is the Modern Mobile Age, where all the users use mobile phones to perform their tasks. So, this becomes the obvious tip for 2016, that the designs should be responsive one. As time passes, this technology will become more mature considering the layouts, menus, etc.Well, responsive design is not the end, but there’s much more to Web Design Tips and Tricks!,/p>
  • Expand your Research and toolkit As far as Web Designers are concerned, they need to be updated every day with the changing competition and user’s needs as per the market. With the emerging technology and web design trends, there is an urgent need of Web Design tools and its knowledge. We do have free tools and one of them is Pixate, which allows the designers to create a Custom Design on their own. Get Complete Web Application Development Solutions with a Top-rated Company Join Hands now
  • Use simplified navigation Navigation is a system which shows the working and depicts the flow of the system. Thus, if this system is designed which has a navigation system with a break down up to 1 – 2 tiers then it is said that the design has a simplified navigation system. But if you think having a complex navigation system with so many links can maximize the user flow, then your thinking is wrong; either the user will leave the site or will get confused. So, having fewer items in the navigation will help you create good designs with the best user experience and satisfied conversion rate.
  • Use of sliders Sliders are the main teaser in designing. Without it the design does not have any meaning. It adds charm and extra effect in the design; A visual way of advertising your business. A number of ready made sliders are available which we can use in our design as per requirement. Different sliders have different effects and based on the requirement you can choose the one best suitable for your business.
  • Do testing This last point is crucial and important. After a lot of hard work in designing the template, testing is the important part of Web Design. Maybe client wanted a different slider, or maybe the font-family used is wrong, or maybe the menu design is not perfect. To make sure of the Web Design is perfect as per the client requirements, this phase is a must.
Final Thoughts: Designing a website is not that easy. Apart from being creative one has to think ‘out-of-box’. But if one keeps in mind the above tricks, and then surely he / she would be able to design some excellent designs. For assistance in Web Design and Hire Web Designer, call us on +44 20 8144 6541 / +1 917 675 3286 or email us at [email protected].

Website Technology

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Website Technology

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