10 Ways How Liferay DXP Accelerates Business Innovation

Digital Transformation is not an option anymore. Besides ensuring survival, it is also necessary to ensure business continuity. Many companies use AI, cloud computing, machine learning and other technologies to bolster their business transformation. However, Liferay DXP stands out because it integrates with the above technologies and others while facilitating informed decision-making. It also ensures steady growth in multiple revenue channels and boosts business productivity and efficiency.

Over 4,842 companies worldwide including Yamaha, eBay and Mitsubishi. Over 52,591 websites use Liferay for application development and to ensure a unified customer experience. Liferay DXP’s comprehensive set of features enable companies to create engaging websites, portals, intranets, or other online applications.

The best feature of Liferay DXP is its modular architecture allows companies to choose the features they want and develop apps according to their bespoke requirements. Additionally, users can add new modules, integrate them with existing ones and accomplish complex projects. This blog will shed light on how Liferay DXP works as a potent tool to spearhead their digital transformation.

Table of Contents

  1. What is Liferay DXP?
  2. Features of Liferay DXP at a Glance
  3. 10 Reasons to Choose Liferay DXP for Digital Transformation
  4. Final Verdict

What is Liferay DXP?

Think of Liferay DXP as a holistic platform to deliver personalized experiences for customers across various touchpoints and platforms. Customers use multiple devices such as mobiles, tablets, laptops, desktops to access apps and websites. Also, they can interact with companies via physical store visits, social media posts and Ecommerce stores. 

Based on the browsing history, preferences and past interactions, Liferay DXP provides a uniform and personalized experience for customers across all these channels and devices. It does so by storing all data on a centralized platform, while leveraging data for a particular touchpoint to customize user experience. With Liferay DXP’s SSO (single sign-on) feature, users can access all apps with a single login. Its content management tools enable companies to create tailored content that resonates with users. 

Companies can also use Liferay DXP to define business logic and rules that can dictate how different departments and users perform their duties and responsibilities. This rule-based setting can also be used to personalize user experience based on his location and other contextual factors (like use of devices, previous actions, time of the day etc.). In a nutshell, we can sum up Liferay DXP’s capabilities as below.

  • Web Content Management
  • User Collaboration
  • Development Platform
  • Customization

Salient Features of Liferay DXP 7.4 At a Glance

  1. Front-end Client Extensions (Remote Apps)
  2. Free Availability of Liferay Enterprise Search Apps
  3. Liferay Objects - New Low-Code Approach
  4. Improved Displaying Content Collections
  5. DocuSign Integration For Digital Signatures
  6. Account Management Widget
  7. Advanced Site Navigation
  8. Expiration Dates For Documents & Media
  9. Collaborative Publications
  10. Related Items Providers
  11. Page Audit For Page Optimization
  12. Automated Translations
  13. Reusable Collection Providers

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10 Reasons to Choose Liferay DXP for Digital Transformation

If a company wants to stand out from the crowd and ensure a delightful digital experience for customers, Liferay DXP is the best platform. What makes it such a powerful weapon for digital transformation? Let’s find out.

1. Simplicity and Customization Options

With its simple and clear layout, Liferay DXP facilitates easy navigation for everyone, including non-technical individuals. Its drag-and-drop features, and predefined templates ensure that even a layman can use it for configuration and management. Moreover, its extensive documentation and training features plus community support smoothen the learning curve. Also, thanks to Liferay DXP’s modular architecture, individuals can easily perform their tasks with minimal features and add more complex ones to manage project requirements.

Besides the drag and drop functionality that eliminates the need for complex coding knowledge, Liferay DXP also provides a range of customization options. These customization options include the following.

  1. Personalized Dashboards
    Liferay DXP can help users design tailored and intuitive dashboards that display relevant information for all departments and users. Managers can use these dashboards to obtain detailed reports to manage projects, while individual team members can use this feature to perform their daily tasks.
  2. Custom Themes
    Choose from a diverse range of themes, colors, fonts and logos to ensure a uniform and intelligible customer experience.
  3. Widget Templates
    Suppose a company launches a new product or service, and it wants social media users to interact with it. The company can use the widget template feature to display interactive elements like image galleries, maps, polls and surveys, product-related information, event calendars and more. Also, these templates also allow companies to alter the appearance and functionality of existing widgets to meet new business needs.
  4. Web Experience Management
    The web experience management benefits various departments and employees to deliver better output. Digital marketers can create engaging content without any coding knowledge. Developers can use the pre-built templates and structures to create dynamic content. Designers can use features like fragments and content pages to implement their designs seamlessly within the Liferay platform.

2. Greater Flexibility and Scalability

Liferay DXP’s robust infrastructure allows websites to handle hundreds of users, enormous data and numerous features without any lagging. As a company grows and gains more customers, the existing resources will be insufficient to meet the increased business demands. With its scalable architecture, companies can configure it to handle more users and traffic while increasing the number of servers or storage capacity.

Features like caching and load balancing also result in improved performance through efficient work distribution. Many DXP platforms become obsolete with time, but not Liferay DXP. Its constant updates mean it grows with your business and helps you stay relevant. Even during busy periods, Liferay ensures a speedy and smooth experience for users.

No two companies are the same. With Liferay’s customizable templates and layouts, companies can design a user interface that is in line with their brand identity while fulfilling their specific requirements. Be it customers or customers, Liferay is a powerful tool to create personalized experiences for all. Most importantly, Liferay DXP’s integration with third-party systems means companies can add new features and functionalities to meet changing market demands and customer preferences.

3. Top-notch Security

Since websites handle sensitive information like customer address, payment information, and other details, security must be the top priority for companies. Poor website security may result in customer information being compromised, resulting in financial and reputation losses. Liferay DXP addresses these security concerns with robust security features like the ones below.

  1. Authentication
    Control who accesses the platform and what action they can perform. This feature verifies a user’s identity through measures such as screen name, email address or user ID.
  2. Authorization
    On the other hand, the authorization feature controls what users do once they log in (viewing, editing or deleting content).
  3. Encryption
    The encryption feature disallows unauthorized users from reading confidential and sensitive data by displaying it in uncoded format like a cipher text. Only a decryption key can decode the cipher text and make it readable.
  4. Role-based Permissions
    With this feature, companies can assign user roles across departments and subsidiaries. For example, an administrator has the right to edit or delete information. Mid-level management can generate reports related to various metrics, while regular team members can only access information that pertains to their tasks.

    These security measures ensure data integrity and confidentiality within the organization. Also, it creates a strong barrier against external unauthorized access like hackers and cyber criminals. Liferay DXP releases bugs and updates to shield users against evolving threats. Regular testing and research in cutting-edge technologies also helps improve the platform’s capabilities.

4. Seamless Integration

Liferay DXP seamlessly integrates with other technologies, tools and systems to ensure efficient data integration, resulting in streamlined processes and greater productivity. Liferay’s integrations include the following.

  1. CRM Integration
    Liferay integrates seamlessly with platforms like Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics. This results in customer data being stored in a central repository. The holistic view of customer data allows departments to understand customer needs and run personalized marketing campaigns and targeted promotions.
  2. ERP Integration
    Eliminate hurdles like poor collaboration, inaccurate data and irrational decision-making. Since all customer data is stored in a central location, everyone in the organization can access real-time data. This results in optimal inventory management, timely deliveries and more.
  3. CMS Integration
    Enables seamless integration with content management systems like Drupal and WordPress. This integration facilitates centralized content management and distribution while reducing duplication and streamlining workflows.
  4. Social Tools
    Integration with tools like Skype, Slack or Teams to ensure interdepartmental excellent communication.
  5. E-commerce Platforms
    E-commerce integration with Liferay creates a smooth user experience for customers while purchasing products.
  6. Marketing Automation Tools
    Robust integration of Liferay with marketing automation tools result in systematic execution of marketing campaigns, result-tracking and tailored user experiences.
  7. Analytics and Reporting
    Integrating analytics with Liferay delivers valuable insights into user behavior and website performance.

5. Open-Source Advantage

Liferay DXP is an open-source platform, meaning anyone can access, modify and contribute to it. Thanks to the open-source model, Liferay enjoys a global network of developers and contributors that enhance its capabilities. Whether it is plugins, extensions, documentation or other resources, users can access them and develop customized solutions, portals, and websites with faster development cycles and continuous improvements.

Integrating Liferay’s core platform with the innovation of the community members including new features, enhancements in existing features and bug fixes, users can achieve their goals with lesser difficulties and greater accuracy.

6. Native Headless and Omnichannel Capabilities

Liferay has in-built headless APIs. These headless APIs (application programming interfaces) act as a bridge between the platform’s backend and the frontend. Liferay DXP offers greater flexibility to developers because they don’t necessarily have to stick to the prebuilt components within Liferay. They can choose from the various community forms and articles like Stack Overflow, DEV community and others.

Frameworks like React, Angular, Flutter also provide exhaustive documentation on their features and how to use them. GitHub is another source where developers can access other open source UI libraries and components to integrate with their Liferay project. Headlines APIs allow developers to use the core functionalities and data of Liferay across multiple platforms to ensure a uniform experience for customers.

These headless APIs enable developers to create innovative apps that work smoothly on all digital platforms and devices including mobiles, tablets and smartphones, browsers, wearable and IoT devices, kiosks and many others. Most importantly, headless APIs future-proof your business, giving them the tools to embrace new technologies and stay ahead of the competition.

7. Zero Coding Requirements

As stated in one of the points above, individuals without any coding knowledge can build innovative and functional apps. The drag-and-drop interface plus pre-built components like forms, tables and other features accelerate the development process. Perfect integration of the objects with Liferay’s core frameworks including user management, data security, and management facilitates streamlined development and better outcomes.

Since Liferay DXP is the foundation of all apps, the management, maintenance, bug fixes and updates related to them becomes simpler.

8. Multiple Websites Same Platform

Whether B2B, B2C, or D2C, Liferay’s single platform allows companies to manage multiple stores for all segments. On one hand, Liferay acts as a central repository for storing and managing product information, inventory and customer data. Alternatively, it also enables the creation of separate storefronts that cater to each customer segment like B2B, B2C and D2C.

These separate storefronts can be further customized with bespoke designs, features and content that resonates with the particular customer segment. For example, a B2B storefront can benefit from integration with procurement systems, resulting in seamless transfer of invoices, purchase orders and other data to streamline the entire process. Similarly, a B2C storefront will hugely benefit from integration with multiple payment options to ensure customer satisfaction.

9. Reduced IT Management

Combining the features of various systems like CMS, document management, workflow, search personalization, segmentation and collaboration, Liferay gives you the best bang for your buck. It also frees up IT resources, allowing them to focus on productive tasks because they don’t have to manage multiple platforms. Over time, Liferay’s updates and new features allow companies to meet business needs without significant infrastructure and technology investments.

10. Value for Money

Liferay’s subscriptions are transparent, and economical while offering the desired flexibility and scalability for dynamic business operations. With Liferay DXP, companies pay for instances and not for individual plans. Each Liferay DXP gives companies the power to host multiple portals on one installation. The configuration and data of each virtual installation is unique.

Furthermore, Liferay DXP doesn’t put a cap on usage. Some platforms limit the usage with exorbitantly priced plans, but not Liferay. It allows users to add more features and resources to handle increased traffic, storage and other demands. Hence, companies can enjoy peace of mind and allocate their budgets accordingly. Liferay delivers more ROI with lesser costs and investment.

Final Verdict

Liferay DXP offers unlimited customization, integration, and scalability options compared to DXP platforms. Companies wanting the best value for money while enjoying maximum benefits should consider Liferay DXP to kickstart their digital transformation. Even if you face any hurdles during development or implementation, you can turn to Liferay’s community for guidance and support. 

However, you may face a dead end at some point of time or the other. At this juncture, you may have to consult a Liferay consulting company. Be it healthcare, banking, manufacturing, financial services, education or other sectors, Liferay DXP holds the key to personalized services. Embracing Liferay DXP enables companies to rise above mediocrity by reducing development costs and time and product time to market. Offering better products and services will keep you a step ahead of the competition while fostering long-term business relationships.

Do you want to kickstart your digital transformation with Liferay DXP? Tridhya Tech is a renowned IT service provider with a dedicated team of Liferay experts. Besides Liferay, we also possess expertise in other technologies like AI, machine learning, cloud computing and others to elevate your business to the next level.


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