10 Silly eCommerce Mistakes Which Can Ruin a Holiday Season Business

It is an indisputable fact that eCommerce business is growing aggressively with the eCommerce sales estimated to touch $2 Trillion dollars in the year 2015, the level of competition is getting cutthroat. Although a lot of e-merchants fail to understand that nowadays savvy online shoppers do not only look for product deals but also look for a seamless shopping experience starting from the search till checkout. And, beyond doubt a single error in the process can result in shopping cart abandonment ultimately reducing the number of sales conversion. Whether you are a novice or professional eCommerce business owner planning to make a big hit in the eCommerce holiday season 2015 and beyond. Avoid some of the deadly eCommerce pitfalls while building or running an online store. What are the E-commerce Development Trends for 2017 Read More 10 Biggest mistakes that every eCommerce merchant must avoid
  • Choosing the Wrong eCommerce Platform: Research properly before you select any eCommerce platform, don’t just choose the first platform that you think would be enough. It is prudent to consider everything from the functionality and feature requirements, financial plan, integration requirements and customization needs to design theme. Do not worry; you can get total support from a professional eCommerce developer, who can also personalize your business demands.
  • Not Having Mobile-Friendly Website: According to a survey, 80% of users globally use their mobile devices to perform activities on the internet, which also comprises of shopping on eCommerce websites. Hence, it is indispensable that must have a mobile optimized version of your eCommerce store that caters your users an amazing shopping experience. Choose to have a minimalist and intuitive interface with simple navigation, which will head visitors to great shopping experience even on small screens of smartphones and tablets.
  • Not Utilizing Email Marketing: According to Amazon, email marketing is very scarcely put to use approach by most eCommerce business merchants. A recent study publicized that buyers who purchased via email spent 138% more than those who have got to know about your store directly. And, according to the statistic 66% of customers have made a purchase online due to an email campaign. This is the reason, Amazon is so obstinate about the email marketing. Looking to Hire Dedicated Ecommerce Developer ? Let's Talk Now
  • Poor Images/Photography: Fake product descriptions: The exaggerated product description is a cardinal “SIN” which many online store owners make. It is very imperative to provide accurate and sufficient product description without stealing the manufacturers’ description for the product.
  • Clumsy Site Navigation: It is true that customers will leave your website if they can't find what they want quickly. So ensure to create smooth and simple navigation menus, reducing the number of clicks it requires for any buyer to find their desired product. To improve navigation, check your analytics to understand where your visitors are declining and then optimize your eCommerce site accordingly.
  • Complicated Checkout Process: The numbers state that merchants lose $18 billion every year because of shopping cart abandonment”. A complex checkout procedure adds to the rate of shopping cart abandonment. Keep a checkout process easy with the least number of fields and display of vital information on a similar page, if feasible. Also, a few buyers do have coupon codes, which they forget to use at the time of checkout. Hence, clearly display the field of Coupon Code on the checkout page unfailingly. Also, display a confirmation page with a summary of tracking update, once your purchaser has checked out.
  • Forcing Users to Register: Continuously urging first-time visitors to register on your website is a big blunder that a lot of eCommerce websites continue to make. This is a serious turnoff for several buyers who wouldn’t essentially wish to register for buy the product. Even a customer might not have the time and would want to make a purchase first and register them at the free time. Whatever be the case, you should never compel your target customer to register on your site; you should let them shop as a guest. Also, make arrangement for the guests to save items in their shopping cart which they can buy when revisit later and complete the shopping.
  • Not Making Content Easily Shareable On Social Media: Several companies undervalue the social share button according to the survey. Actually for amplifying your presence on the visual web social sharing is essential. By making images on your website more pinnable, and by optimizing the size and positioning of share icons, you can eventually drive responsiveness, desire, and sales.
  • No Proper SEO Optimization For eCommerce Websites: It’s extremely vital to optimize your site for search if you want to grow your sales and conversions. If your site isn’t visible when people are searching for products, having everything else in place does not make sense. Search engine optimization is necessary if you want to beat your competitors and grow your sales. So, along with keyword research, you also require to cross-check that your site has a good website structure, great content to rank new product pages and product category architecture.
  • No Proper About or Contact Page: A lot of online store owners take too lightly the sales potential of their about us or contact us page. If you check the analytics, you will come to know that about us page is the second highest visited page. Customers want to know about your story as eCommerce store owner, about your location and proper email address if they are stuck to get some information.
To Conclude These are just a few common eCommerce mistakes that irk online shoppers. If your site has these drawbacks at present, it is high time for you to mend it out. Provide your users the best experience by removing such miscue and you will see a substantial progress in your conversion ratios.


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